let us introduce ourselves,
dicid is the name of our website, which will then present the whatsapp mod application that we named DIWHATSAPP.

DiWhatsApp is various whatsapp messenger applications that have been embedded
features to complete the application functions and enhance your appearance.

unlike whatsapp mod in general,
DiwhatsApp has the main feature of high security privacy.
This feature is very useful for hiding whatsapp application icons.
When you finish installing the application on WhatsApp, you won't find the launcher icon on your Android.
this is called whatsapp hidden.

with hidden features other people will not be able to see that you installed the whatsapp application, because they did not find the launcher icon.
there are no voice or text notifications in the UI notification,
all are hidden and you will know by opening them.

These features may be added or decreased in the future.
or we will make various versions.
with all the advantages of whatsapp mod that was re-modified by Dicid.

to launch or run the DiwhatsApp application just type this command with the dial code *#*#4#*#*
then you will see it open and ready to use.