DiWhatsApp is the latest version.
We are proposing this website to share applications that have been modified by dicid.

diwhatsapp features like never before.
therefore we intend to build a website that offers mod applications specifically whatsapp.

We all know too much Whatsapp mods out there, but you guys should try this.
yes this is a hallmark of our whatsapp mod.  which we named DiWhatsApp

You are looking for WhatsApp mod for personal security and chat does not want to be known by anyone.
this is when you guys try it on DiWhatsApp.

 base from GbWhatsApp 10.25
 What features are available?
 • auto start
 • anti-delay or pending notifications
 • anti malware
 • hide the launcher icon
 • appears on the locked screen
 • Different package names
 • start with earphones
 • start with charging
 • start with dial code
 • Block UI notifications
 • Disable click UI notifications
 • Support picture in picture with fingerprint
 • Support android 8 and up
 • Password : DICID

DiWhatsApp is intended for those who want higher security.

At the beginning of the installation on DiWhatsApp you will not find any DiWhatsApp icon, therefore you cannot start DiWhatsApp.

what you need to pay attention to is,
You must activate all permissions on DiWhatsApp to be able to run fully well.

see the instructions from the following image, which will guide you to the permissions settings.

Video Settings permission

after you follow all instructions like in the picture or video.
then you can already to open DiWhatsApp
enough with the dial code: * # * # 4 # * # *
You can also use the method by attaching earphones or plugging in a charger.
you will see DiWhatsApp is open and ready to use.
happy and enjoy